Tax return Zug- What do i have to consider

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Which documents do I need for the Zug tax return?

You can find a detailed list here: Zug tax return documents checklist

Can I calculate my approximate tax burden?

Yes, every canton has its own tax calculator.

For example, you can find the tax calculator for the canton of Zug here: Tax calculator Zug

This shows you the approximate tax burden (without deductions).

I pay tax at source, do I also have to fill in the Zug tax return?

Only as long as the earned income of one person exceeds CHF 120,000.

The same applies to married couples: One person must earn more than CHF 120,000 (salaries are not added together).

If this amount is exceeded, the 2021 tax return in Zug is mandatory.

Which home office tax deductions am I allowed to make?

Some years like 2020 or 2021 are special. Many went about their business from home and other things occured. This has significant implications for the tax return.

Am I allowed to deduct my home office from tax?

Yes. However, certain factors must be met in order for the rental costs to be credited on a pro-rata basis.

Firstly, a substantial part of the workload must take place at home. A substantial part is 40% or 2 out of 5 working days.

The study must also be usable exclusively as a study. There must not be a bed or sofa bed in it, as the tax office could otherwise regard it as a multifunctional room.

By the way: If you want to deduct the study from your tax, you cannot claim a flat-rate allowance for professional expenses. Travel costs and public transport subscriptions are then also no longer deductible.

You have to weigh up what would be more attractive from a tax point of view and decide on a variant.

Can I submit the documents for the Zug tax return online?

Our clients have been entrusting us with their tax returns since 2014 and have them completed by our tax experts.

Would you like your tax return to be completed correctly and the maximum deductions to be claimed?

Submit your tax return here and get it done in 6 minutes.

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