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Frequently asked questions regarding company formation

The entire process generally takes 2-4 weeks. We complete our part within 1-5 working days and support you right from the start. The cantonal commercial register usually has 1-2 weeks to check all documents and make the entry.

In the case of a GmbH, share capital of at least CHF 20’000 must be raised. This can be in the form of cash or contributions in kind. In the case of an AG, the share capital must be at least CHF 100’000, of which at least CHF 50’000 must be raised, also in the form of cash or contributions in kind.

In addition, at least one natural person resident in Switzerland is required to represent the AG or GmbH. There are also regulations that must be followed when choosing the company name. Among other things, the name must not be the same as that of an existing company.

Finally, you must provide a domicile address for your company. This can be your private address, your office or your store. If you do not have a domicile address, you are welcome to make use of our domicile service.

With a sole proprietorship, no minimum capital is required as with an AG or GmbH. However, you must be able to show that you work for several (at least 3-5) clients. Proof of this is usually quotes, orders and invoices.

If you already have a website or a business plan, this will help with the assessment of your self-employment.

Yes, a consultation is included in the start-up package and is part of the service. Experience has shown that the consultation lasts 1-2 hours. Our hourly rate for consultations is CHF 180 and will be invoiced effectively.

This means that if you subsequently decide to set up a company via ajooda AG, you will be credited for the paid consultation.

If don’t decide to setup the company via ajooda AG, we will only charge you the consultation.

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