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If the idea of settling in Switzerland is more than just a consideration for you, then you likely understand the significance of having access to reliable, objective, and personalized information.

Switzerland is renowned for its high quality of life but also has a intricate tax landscape that varies not only between cantons but also among municipalities.

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A comprehensive analysis of the crucial factors that can assist you in making an informed decision about a potential move to Switzerland. Some of these factors include:

Your individual situation is always considered for the detailed analysis (number of children, income, real estate, stocks and dividends, etc.).
Our fee for this comprehensive analysis and consultation starts at CHF 5’000. You can request additional services as well.

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Why should you choose ajooda?

Experience and expertise: Our team consists of financial experts and tax advisors with decades of experience in the Swiss financial and legal system.

Individual advice: No two clients are the same. That is why we aim to provide you with comprehensive and individual advice.

Data basis: Our analyses are based on current data that is updated on an ongoing basis.

Legal security: Switzerland is known worldwide for its legal security, which makes it an ideal place for long-term life and financial planning.

Multilingualism: We offer our services in 5 languages, just ask us.

Our services in detail

It is an important decision to move the center of your life to another country. With ajooda at your side, you make this decision on a sound, data-based foundation.
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