Your tax return done in 6 minutes.

Existing clients are done in 3min!

Very simple.

Select Student, Individual or Family.

In the next step, select whether you are a new or existing customer.

Fill in your details in the form.

(Existing customers have an even simpler form)

Upload the necessary documents for the tax return.

Infos on commute, children, alimony.

(Not required for existing customers).


Tax return prices

What is charged additionally?

Optional care packages
Also available separately (e.g. if you've filled out your tax return yourself)


199 CHF

  • Checking the assessment order and contacting the tax office if deductions are not granted
  • We will answer all your questions about assessment and tax law (max. 30min)


399 CHF

  • Everything from Privilege package (60min instead of 30min for all your questions)
  • Complete correspondence & representation towards the tax office (power of attorney)
  • Receive tax documents directly from the tax office

What our clients say about us

A. Rodrigues
A. Rodrigues
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Directly submitted to the tax office without having to do anything!

"I gave my taxes over to ajooda and within days they were able to finish them. My tax declaration was directly submitted to the tax office and i got a copy of the entire work they did over e-mail. This seriously is a 5 star service. I can sincerely recommend this to everyone"
Sandra Gebistorf
Sandra Gebistorf
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Keep it up - Ajooda has won a new customer!

"After i had submitted all of my documents digitally i received a phone call, that everything worked out. About 10 days later i received an e-mail including feedbacks. I'm absolutely thrilled about ajooda. Keep it up - you have earned yourself a new customer :-)"
Caterina M.
Caterina M.
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Satisfied for years!

"Satisfied for years! Friendly service and my demands were always fulfilled sucessfully"
S. Schrader
S. Schrader
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Fast & Uncomplicated

"Very professional and competent consulting. Im very happy with the fast and uncomplicated service."
A. Garten
A. Garten
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They took the entire workload off our shoulders!

"Always available and they'll call you back on short notice if you cant reach them! After i had gotten my tax declaration there was nothing else i had to do. They took the entire workload of our shoulders. Thank you for the amazing service!"
S. Moas
S. Moas
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Friendly & Professional

"I found Ajooda on google and i can only recommend them, they have given me an incredibly friendly & professional service."

Frequently asked questions

Important: Tax document from the tax office with access code, wage statements, bank statements, cost and premium overview (health insurance), commute.

Optional: 3rd Pillar, loans, alimony, etc.

Detailed checkliste HERE

Our tax return service is available in 21 cantons!

Our service is not available in the following 5 cantons:

Ticino, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Jura

Yes. All you need to do is submit an application for retrospective ordinary assessment (NOV) to the tax office of your canton until 31.3 if it’s your first tax return in switzerland.

Simply enter your canton + NOV in the search on Google and follow the instructions (the form only needs to be requested once, in subsequent years you will receive everything automatically).

You will receive the tax document from the tax office with the access code after a few weeks. Please do not use this access code to log in into your tax return, otherwise a new code must be requested.

You then upload this tax document with all other documents here in our tax form.

If you have bills that you paid yourself and not your health insurance (e.g. dentist, special massages, therapies etc.) you can deduct these payments from your tax, but only those amounts that are above 5% of your net income.

Example 1:

You earn CHF 100,000 net/year and have paid CHF 3,000 in medical expenses yourself. Since the expenses are less than 5% of your net salary (CHF 5’000), you cannot deduct anything.

Example 2:

You earn CHF 100,000 net/year and have paid CHF 6,000 in medical expenses yourself. Since the expenses are more than 5% of the net salary (CHF 5,000), you can deduct the difference, which is CHF 1,000.

If you still submit your invoices to us and the deductions are less than 5% of the net salary, we will not make the deduction, since the deduction is 0 anyway.

Existing clients that filed their tax return with us last year already, can use the simplified form because we already have most of the information from the previous year.

Therefore, existing clients will receive a CHF 30 discount.

We already have basic information such as religion, date of birth, etc. for clients.

In the simplified form, the existing clients can specifically click on what has changed since the last tax return (e.g. address due to relocation).

In almost all cantons, No, you don’t need to print out anything.

ajooda already does everything for you. We will send your tax declaration directly to the tax office.

After completion you’ll receive an E-Mail with a copy of your tax return.

However, in some cantons (e.g. Aargau), after we complete your tax return, you must sign a document and send to the tax authorities.

Of course.

You are welcome to bring your documents to our office at Kapellgasse 6, 6004 Lucerne.

We recommend that you book an appointment, as this is the only way we can guarantee that someone will be able to check and receive your documents.

For bringing them in person, we have to charge an additional fee of CHF 40.

Therefore, we always recommend trying the online submission first, as it is easier, cheaper & faster.


You will get your tax return aswell as the submission confirmation exclusively over E-Mail as a PDF.

If you still want your tax return in paper form, we have to ask for a post-processing fee of CHF 20.

You would like to do your taxes yourself, but...

You are not quite sure whether you make all deductions correctly?

You don’t want to leave your personal data in the hands of others and therefore always do the tax return yourself?

You pay too much tax and think that you miss something every year?

In our tax return course we show you by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or in our office, everything you need to know.

We will go through all possible deductions for your canton of residence.

We do the whole thing with your tax return or with a case study, so that your data remains private.

Tax return course

CHF 450
  • Expert knowledge easily explained
  • We answer all of your questions
  • All deductions in your canton
  • Over Zoom/Teams or in our office
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