Swiss Tax Return Checklist – 2023

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In order for us to complete your 2023 tax return, we need specific information and documents.

To ensure that nothing is missed, we have created a checklist for you.

For informations like commute, religion, alimony etc., the corresponding fields are already available in our tax form, you don’t need to create an additional info sheet for it.

Swiss Tax Return 2023 Checklist

This Documents/Infos are mandatory:

  • Barcode sheet of the tax office
  • Income
    • Employed ⇒ Wage statement main & secondary occupations
    • Unemployed ⇒ RAV Payment (Unemployment insurance aka ALV)
    • Pensioner ⇒ Pension certificate
  • Commute
    • Place of work (street/postcode)
    • By Car ⇒ How many km (both ways)?
    • Public transport ⇒ Receipt of annual subscription costs
  • Bank statements (interest statement of 31.12.2022)
  • Health Insurance Cost Statement (provided by your health insurance)
  • Religion
    • Roman Catholic, Christian Catholic, Reformed or other?

Only needed if applicable

  • 3rd pillar / life insurances
  • Loans / Mortgages
  • Education and training costs
  • Alimony received or paid?
  • Stocks and securities
  • Expenses for medical costs outside switzerland that weren’t covered
  • Professional expenses (lunch, professional clothes etc.)


  • Vehicle name, year of purchase, purchase price

Real estate

  • Appraisal notice (Schatzungsanzeige) from the appraisal office of your municipality (details such as plotNo, year of construction & appraisal, catastral value, etc.).
  • Renovation costs

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