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What is included in the ajooda accounting service?

Focus on your daily business and leave the background work to us.

Our team of experienced accountants and tax experts will ensure that your finances are always up to date (e.g. for capital increases) and that you don’t have to worry about accounting complexity.

Frequently asked questions

No, the offer is not binding. The calculation results from your data. In a personal conversation in our office or via Zoom, it may turn out that you may issue more or less invoices and the price therefore changes.

The contract can be adjusted individually to your need at any time. If changes occur, this is adjusted with 1-2 E-Mails or a short phone call.

You can if you want, but you don’t have to. We provide you with access to a cloud platform where you can simply store the receipts digitally at the agreed intervals. This is synchronized with us and we always have the current receipts.

No, there is no minimum term.

Of course. If you no longer wish to use the ajooda service, you can cancel at the end of the month, subject to the 1-month notice period.

For all parties involved, a change to a new financial year (usually on 01.01.) is the optimal time. However, a change can also take place during the year, e.g. on 01.03. or 01.09.

As a general rule, receipts should always be sorted chronologically by date of receipt and loose receipts should be stuck on a blank A4 sheet. Depending on the quantity of documents, you can keep a folder with the respective separator sheets for each month, quarter, half-year or year.
If the receipt date of the receipts is not the same as the payment date, you can also note the payment date on the receipts.
It is also important that you clearly separate each type of cash. For example, if you have two bank accounts and a cash register, the corresponding receipts and bank account and cash statements should not be mixed together.

In any case. We open shared access to a secure cloud platform and create the necessary folder structure. You can easily upload all invoices, receipts, bank and cash statements, etc. to the respective folders.

Full-service trustee for large companies and those who want to become one.

Can’t wait to get started with your new business idea?

If only it weren’t for the tedious administration (bookkeeping, correspondence with the authorities, VAT returns, payroll runs, etc.)…

SME are increasingly outsourcing their bookkeeping and other administrative tasks in order to free up time for their core business.

Whatever the size and needs of your company, ask us about individual services.