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Tax returns are a time-consuming duty every year. Let us do your tax return online for you. Easy, fast and secure with ajooda – your partner for finances and taxes.

Taxes: Taxes from everybody for everybody

Taxes may seem annoying at first glance. But in the end they benefit the common good. Without the federal, cantonal and municipal taxes, the country would be a different place: the roads would be rutted, school buildings would be outdated and public parks would be overgrown. Apart from that, important institutions such as the army or the AHV would probably not exist.

Everyone benefits from taxes. That is why the approximately CHF 130 billion in taxes collected annually by the federal government, the cantons and the municipalities are also payable by everyone.

Obligation in every life situation

Every adult in Switzerland must complete the annual tax return. Unemployed persons, students and minors with their own income must also declare their income. Married couples file a joint tax return. If it is submitted as a letter, it is important that both spouses sign the form.

By letter or online – for example with

Basically the following applies: The tax return can be submitted in writing by letter or electronically. All cantons allow filling out the form on the computer, which is why free software is available for this purpose. Some cantons already offer the option of submitting the tax return online.

Submitting the tax declaration online on is particularly easy: Submit the necessary documents and within a few days you will receive your tax declaration completely professionally from tax experts, with the maximum possible deductions.

Cantonal and municipal differences in the collection

In terms of taxes, Switzerland differs significantly from other European countries. In contrast to many EU countries, for example, taxes here are not calculated by a single tax authority, but by the federal government, the cantons and the municipalities.

When filling out the 2021 tax return online at the latest, the large number of tax authorities could prove to be confusing.

Cantons free to decide

The Federal Constitution regulates what taxes may be levied by the federal government. It also specifies, for example, what the cantons do not have to tax. In general, however, the 26 cantons are free to decide what taxes they wish to impose. Accordingly, each canton has its own individual tax laws, which sometimes leads to large differences in tax rates throughout Switzerland.

In Lucerne, for example, there are completely different taxes than those resulting from a tax return in Zurich. Cantonal tax laws in turn regulate what municipalities are allowed to tax. The surcharges levied then appear, for example, as a municipal tax footprint in the tax return.

The different types of taxes

When you talk about taxes, you usually mean income tax. Together with wealth tax, this will again be the relevant factor in the 2021 tax return. However, the federal government, cantons and municipalities in Switzerland also levy many other taxes. A distinction is made between two types of taxes, namely

Direct taxes

Direct taxes for individuals include income tax and wealth tax. Both are levied by means of tax returns. The federal income tax is called direct federal tax and is collected by the cantons. Some cantons also levy head, personal or household taxes. Wealth taxes exist in all cantons and municipalities. Tax rates and exemption limits vary.

Indirect taxes

Indirect taxes include expenses such as value-added tax, dog tax, motor vehicle tax, ticket tax, church tax as well as beer and tobacco tax.

Meanwhile, companies must pay corporate taxes on capital and profits.

Anyone who has received gifts, for example, must declare them in a separate tax return. In addition, the respective earnings must be listed as assets in the normal tax declaration.

Too complicated? Completely simply, competently and surely the tax declaration can be submitted on-line on!

Examples for different taxation

The same direct federal tax applies throughout Switzerland. However, there are several other peculiarities of the Swiss tax system. The cantonal income tax rates vary considerably. For example, only 22.4 % of income is taxed in the main town of Zug. In contrast, residents of the city of Geneva, in the same year, are taxed at 45%. This can be explained even more clearly by comparing a tax return for Lucerne with a tax return for Zurich.

Tax return online for Lucerne

In Switzerland, there are cantons and municipalities where more or less income tax is due than elsewhere. If you file your tax return in Lucerne, you can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, the canton is one of those that levy comparatively low tax rates. For example, a natural person will be subject to 31.2 % income tax in the capital city in 2021.

Tax return online Zurich

In contrast, the situation in the canton of Zurich, for example, is quite different. Here, natural persons have to pay much higher taxes on their income. In the capital, a full 40% income tax will be due in 2021.

Reforms generate constant movement

Through reforms, popular initiatives and votes, Switzerland’s taxes in the individual cantons are always on the move. This not only affects income tax, but also other important taxes.

On the one hand, the 2021 tax reform on company taxation has had the effect of removing Switzerland from the EU’s grey list. Accordingly, it is no longer classified as a harmful tax country. The reform, which was implemented on 01.01.2021, also has an impact on companies. Basically, they now have to pay a considerably lower profit tax – on average 15% instead of 17.4% according to tax lawyer Pascal Hinny, who is a professor at the University of Fribourg.

Profit tax in the cantons

Some cantons deviate considerably from the national average: accordingly, companies in the capital of Appenzell Innerrhoden are comparatively inexpensive, accounting for 11.5 % in 2021. While the highest taxes on profits, at 21.6 %, are payable in the Canton of Berne. Those who file their tax returns in Zurich and have a company must know Even in the canton of Zurich, you don’t get off much cheaper. In the city of Zurich, 21.1 % are currently payable. From 2021, the rate will be reduced to 19.7 %.

A tax return in Lucerne can be filled out a little more elated: In 2021, only 12.3 % profit tax will be charged in the capital city.

Factors that determine the tax rate

The amount of taxes that will be levied on the 2021 tax return depends on various factors. These include in particular:

  • Level of income
  • Amount of assets
  • Denomination
  • Civil status
  • Number of children
  • Place of residence

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Fill out your tax return online: Many taxes, one form

Despite the large number of collecting tax authorities, you only have to fill out one tax return. The forms required for the 2021 tax return have already been sent out directly by the tax office in January or February. The deadline for submitting the forms is generally 31.03. throughout Switzerland, and in some places it is 31.05. However, legal entities have until 30.09. to submit their returns.

In principle, the forms must be submitted in good time. Those who fail to do so will be reminded. If you still do not submit your tax return, you run the risk of being fined by the tax authorities.

Who feels stressed by complicated forms, can submit the tax declaration on-line completely simply, surely and competently on Thanks to checklists and expert processing, maximum deductions can be achieved on

Filling out tax declaration still takes time? Request extension of deadline!

The deadline for the tax return is approaching, but the filling out is not finished yet? Then you can apply for an extension of the deadline. In many cantons this is possible free of charge. However, you should act quickly and not let it come to a reminder.

For example, if you file your tax return in Zurich, you can apply for an extension until 30.09. This can also be done online if desired. An extension of the deadline can also be obtained in Lucerne via the Internet. However, anyone submitting their tax return in Lucerne should be aware that non-independent natural persons can only request an extension of the deadline until 31.08. online.

Fill out a double tax return?

The form is sent in duplicate. After processing both sets of forms, you send the original and keep the duplicate.

Filling out the form is easier at Clearly arranged input masks make submitting the tax return online especially comfortable. The handling of forms is no longer necessary.

Dissatisfied with calculation? Or forgotten something? Use the right of objection!

If you do not agree with the assessment notice issued by the funds center, you can use the right of objection. The same applies if something has been forgotten. The period for lodging an objection is valid for 30 days after the notification of the assessment notice.

Checklist: These documents must be kept ready

Whether the tax return is filled out online, by software or by hand: A good preparation makes the filling out easier and faster. It is therefore advisable to collect and keep the following documents ready before the start of or already during the current year:

  • Wage statement
  • Account statements
  • Securities vouchers
  • Receipts for contributions to pillar 3a
  • Receipts of special payments into the 2nd pillar (Pensionskasse BVG)
  • Total medical costs
  • List of professional expenses
  • Evidence of further training
  • donation receipts
  • Debt certificates
  • for residential property: receipts for costs (e.g. renovation work, property tax, administration costs, etc.)

All receipts must be definitely available. However, only those certificates that are expressly requested should be sent in. It is then necessary to keep all receipts for possible inquiries by the authorities.

Obligation to keep records

The tax return online has been submitted with one last mouse click? The form sets were put into the envelope and are already in the post? Out of sight, out of mind?

No matter whether a tax return is submitted online or as a letter, it doesn’t happen that quickly.

The vouchers and receipts belonging to the entries as well as old tax returns must be kept. The deadlines vary depending on canton and tax. If you want to find out the exact dates, please contact the relevant tax authorities. Because even without being asked to be on the safe side, tax documents should be kept for 15 years after the end of the year for which tax was paid.

Deductions for the 2021 tax return

Just like the taxation itself, the possible deductions depend on the respective place of residence. Nevertheless, various expenses for work, pension and family can be deducted from tax.

Who submits the tax declaration on-line on, profits from the specialized knowledge of our tax experts, who make accordingly automatically the maximum savings possible.

The 9 most frequent deductions for employees and employers

  1. Employees may deduct additional professional costs at a flat rate, but not more than 3% of net salary and not more than CHF 4,000.
  2. Eating out is deductible if you live at least 15 km from your place of work. The daily deductible CHF 15 is halved if there is a canteen in the company.
  3. Commuting expenses (bus, streetcar or train) are deductible up to CHF 3’000. Those who travel to work by car can, under certain conditions, claim public transport costs. Who travels by bicycle may deduct CHF 700.
  4. Professional expenses such as work clothes, tools, technical literature etc. However, a home office is not deductible, for example, if the employer provides a separate workplace in the office.
  5. Unemployed persons can deduct application costs.
  6. Education and training costs and retraining. For federal tax purposes, a maximum of CHF 12,000 per year is possible.
  7. Self-employed persons save through depreciation. Because they can deduct depreciation on vehicles, tools, etc.
  8. Dividends are discounted if the company is founded as a public limited company and has a share of at least 10 %.
  9. Environmentally friendly investments are rewarded with a tax deduction of 50 % in the first two years.

Pension, assets, miscellaneous

Deductions can also be claimed in the 2021 tax return in the area of pensions and assets:

  • Expenses for pension provision in pillar 3a can be deducted from income. In addition, if you have several 3a accounts, it makes sense to receive money as early as five years before retirement to avoid the high tax progression. It should also be noted that only those payments into a pillar 3a account can be deducted that have an income. In addition, the retirement assets from the pillar 3a or pension fund are taxable.
  • The highest possible payments into the pension fund reduce the assets, which results in lower taxes. The year of deduction is determined by the year in which you bought into the pension fund. If, in the case of married couples, one of them has made an advance withdrawal from the pension fund, the other can still buy in and secure the tax deduction.
  • Contributions to the pension fund as well as to health and life insurance are deductible.
  • Self-paying medical expenses can be deducted from tax.
  • Private debt interest can be claimed, because debts can be deducted from assets.
  • The current tax value of your car or motorcycle should not be overestimated. Furthermore, leasing costs for vehicles cannot be deducted.
  • Leaving church saves taxes, but makes a possible church wedding or funeral impossible.
  • Donations can be deducted from taxes.
  • Stock dividends from capital contributions are tax-free.
  • Administrative costs for securities can be deducted.
  • Real estate maintenance can be deducted.

For homeowners

  • Mortgages can be deducted from assets.
  • Renovation work can generally be deducted in the tax return. Importantly is however: If a substantial cultivation takes place – for instance in the form of a winter garden – this is considered as investment, which increases the value of the real estate.

Family: Spouse, children and Co.

Also in the family environment certain deductions can be made in the tax declaration 2021, for example the following:

  • If children attend a private school based on a school psychological assessment, the costs can be deducted as disability related expenses.
  • If you are a weekly resident and want to claim deductions, you must have an income and professional expenses. If parents are responsible for the additional costs of a weekly stay abroad, they can only claim the child deduction. The weekly stayer must show the professional expenses in the tax return. Because if the vocational training ends, the so-called deadline deduction applies. In other words: If the child is no longer in education on 31.12. of a year, nothing can be deducted.
  • Costs for childcare can be deducted on the tax return – even if the caregivers are part of the family. They must also declare their compensation as income in their own declaration.
  • In some cantons, people who support needy, old and close relatives can claim this in their tax declaration by means of a support deduction. If residents of nursing homes bear the uninsured costs themselves, they can deduct medical costs or disability related costs.

Married couples

  • Double earners may deduct up to CHF 13,400 from their lower income.
  • CHF 6,500 per child can be deducted from direct federal tax.
  • After a separation, alimony and maintenance can be deducted in full. The progression is also lower.

Tax return online: Safer, easier, faster

Anyone who fills out his tax return by hand today is negligent: The danger of a typing error, a number twist or another slip-up is too great. It is safer and easier to use modern technology.

In all cantons you can fill out your tax return electronically with the help of free software. In some cantons it is also possible to submit your tax return online directly to the tax offices. For example, a tax return in Lucerne can be submitted completely paperless. Anyone submitting a tax return in Zurich can do so via the Internet, for example.

However, an online service such as makes a particularly simple and competent submission possible.

Tax return: Simply fill out correctly – with

For an exact determination of taxes it is important to prepare optimally. With all necessary certificates and the knowledge, which registrations belong where, the forms can be processed completely and fast.

It is especially safe and comfortable to submit the tax return online at By this procedure also possible careless mistakes are excluded to a large extent. Especially if the necessary time for familiarization is missing, an online service can be helpful. This makes it possible to send the tax return within shortest time over the Internet – simply, competently and surely.

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