Don’t want to do your tax return 2021 in Switzerland yourself?

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The tax return in Switzerland proves to be a time-consuming and tedious obligation every year.

The digital method by, takes all the work off your shoulders now.

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The 8 most important documents for the tax return 2021 in Switzerland

  1. Wage statement
  2. Bank statements
  3. Vouchers for securities (e.g. shares or bonds)
  4. Receipts for contributions to Säule 3a, Säule 3b and Säule 2
  5. List of professional expenses
  6. Training costs
  7. Documentation on real estate tax, debt interest, invoices for renovation, operating and administrative costs (For real estate owners)
  8. Health expenses (medical costs etc)

Tax return 2021 in Switzerland Tax on additional income

Do I have to declare my supplementary income in my tax return 2021?

Yes, if you have a second job in addition to your main job, you must also declare this income for tax purposes. Social security contributions (AHV/IV, ALV etc) must also be paid on this income.

Exception: If the salary per employer was less than CHF 2’300 per year, the social security contributions are voluntary. The same applies to income from self-employment.

Tax return 2021 in Switzerland Deadline extension

Tax returns must normally be filed within 30 days. You can ask for an extension, depending on the canton, at the cantonal tax administration or the tax administration of the municipality, which is granted in most cases.

Another deadline extension because of Corona?

Due to Covid-19, the federal government has approved an extraordinary extension of the deadline for the 2019 tax return.

The Canton of Luzern had extended the regular deadline for filing the 2019 tax return to 31 May 2021 for employees and to 31 August 2021 for self-employed persons.

It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case next year for the 2021 tax return.

How high are my taxes?

The tax rate depends on the following factors: income and assets, marital status, place of residence, number of children and religious affiliation.

Click here to go to the tax calculator of your canton of residence.

Tax declaration 2021: Do I have to pay taxes on my pension income?

Pensions must be declared and are normally 100% taxable as income. Supplementary benefits to AHV and IV are tax-free.

If you receive lump-sum benefits from the occupational pension plan (pillar 2) or benefits from the voluntary pension plan such as pillar 3a or pillar 3b, you benefit from a lower tax rate.

Tax return 2021 in Switzerland Tax on capital gains

Price gains on the stock markets are tax-free, as long as you are classified as a private investor.

However, if you are classified as a professional investor, you can claim stock market losses for tax purposes, but you must also pay tax on the tax profits.

For professional traders, capital gains are added to normal income, which can lead to a higher tax bracket.

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