What is the pillar 3a maximum amount in 2023 in Switzerland?

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The pillar 3a maximum amount 2023 is CHF 7’056.- for employees who are not self-employed and are connected to the pension fund.

On the other hand, the pillar 3a maximum amount 2023 for self-employed persons is CHF 35’280.- (Tip: Always five times the maximum contribution for non-self-employed persons), however, a maximum of 20% of the net income.

This applies to all self-employed persons who are not affiliated with a pension fund.

These figures are per person. This means that if a married couple has two incomes and is employed, they can deduct CHF 14’112.- from their taxes! This is immense and can save a LOT of taxes.

The pillar 3a maximum amount is increased every 2 years, since at this time the AHV pensions are usually also adjusted to inflation.

How high is the tax saving if I pay in the pillar 3a maximum amount 2023?

The tax savings from Pillar 3a varies enormously depending on where you live. Examples:

Single, Roman Catholic, CHF 7’056.- paid into pillar 3a.

Net taxable income:

Resident in 3001 BernTax savings
CHF 60’000.-CHF 1’793.-
CHF 100’000.-CHF 2’362.-
CHF 140’000.-CHF 2’732.-
Resident in 6005 Lucerne
CHF 60’000.-CHF 1’475.-
CHF 100’000.-CHF 1’740.-
CHF 140’000.-CHF 2’078.-
Resident in 8001 Zurich
CHF 60’000.-CHF 1’427.-
CHF 100’000.-CHF 1’928.-
CHF 140’000.-CHF 2’415.-

Especially in cantons with a high tax rate such as Bern, Geneva, Neuchâtel etc., a 3rd pillar makes enormous sense, as the tax savings are even higher there.

It is not uncommon for our clients to save almost CHF 2,500 in taxes per Person.


  • Would you like to know how high the tax savings are in your municipality of residence?
  • Do you want to achieve a good return on your 3a capital in the long term?
  • Would you like to set up a monthly savings plan for your children?
  • Are you interested in indirect amortization with the 3a (mortgage)?
  • What other advantages does pillar 3a offer you?

Our pension advisors are highly trained in retirement planning. Each client receives individual advice based on his or her needs.

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