Which documents does my trustee need for Accounting in Switzerland

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In order for us as your fiduciary to be able to keep complete and clean accounts for you, we depend on the completeness of the documents.

As a rule, it is advisable to submit the documents at the end of the month in order to keep the bookkeeping up to date. This way, there are fewer questions and the chance of documents getting lost is lower, which saves you costs in the long run.

Alternatively, a quarterly transmission is also possible.

The time-consuming and costly sending of original receipts by post is no longer necessary, as our customers can scan the receipts via mobile phone or tablet, which are then uploaded directly to our cloud.

What documents and receipts does my trustee need?

In order to correctly record the new client in the accounting software, we need the following documents:

Financial accounting

  • Financial statements of the previous years
  • Possibly a handover balance sheet if you want to change accountants during the year.
  • Detailed accounting journal of the previous year
  • Chart of accounts of the previous year

Payroll accounting

  • Wages and information of employees
  • Employees’ insurance policies (e.g. accident and daily sickness benefits)
  • BVG policies of employees
  • Decisions on allowances for individual employees
  • Invoices from the compensation fund and pension funds
  • Employees with withholding tax liability

Which documents should I regularly send to the trustee?

As mentioned above, it is more worthwhile to submit the receipts monthly for accounting purposes. It may sound like more work, but in practice it is less time-consuming because fewer documents are lost or forgotten.

Among other things, the following documents are necessary:

Financial accounting

  • Customer and supplier invoices
  • Receipts from cash transactions
  • Monthly statements from payment service providers (Stripe, PayPal etc)
  • Credit card statements

Payroll accounting

  • All changes regarding employees (new hires, salary changes, etc)
  • Changes in BVG and insurance policies
  • Annual statements from the compensation office

Under certain circumstances, notifications and orders from the tax authorities, commercial and bankruptcy offices are necessary.

The more documents you have as proof, the better, because this way the trustee can work efficiently and cleanly, which ultimately saves you money.

This way you can be sure that your bookkeeping is up to date and that everything is correct in case of an AHV revision.

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