Menzingen Records Impressive Surplus in 2023

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The municipality of Menzingen in the canton of Zug closed the fiscal year 2023 with an impressive surplus of 5 million francs, far exceeding initial expectations. Initially, only a modest surplus of 200,000 francs had been projected.

The total expenditures for the municipality amounted to 25.6 million francs. A significant contribution to this positive result came from property gain taxes, which were 1.7 million francs over the budget, significantly strengthening the municipal coffers. Additionally, expenditures in various areas were less than planned, including unexpected delays in road construction and property maintenance projects as well as lower expenses in the social sector, including economic social aid and childcare contributions.

The tax rate in Menzingen remains stable at 67 percent, supplemented by a tax rebate of two percent. The net assets of the municipality have increased to 17.7 million francs, which amounts to 3,822 francs per capita—an increase from the previous year.

The Menzingen municipal council expressed great satisfaction with the year-end results and emphasized the healthy financial state of the municipality. Plans are in place to continue the current course, efficiently manage tax resources, and advance infrastructure investments where necessary.

It is noteworthy that Menzingen is not the only municipality in the canton of Zug that reported higher than expected revenues in 2023. Other Zug municipalities such as Walchwil and Baar also reported significant surpluses, and the city of Zug itself exceeded expectations by a remarkable 94 million francs.

These positive financial results in Menzingen and other parts of the canton of Zug highlight the efficient administration and planning of tax funds and underscore the importance of tax declarations for the sustainable development of regional communities.

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