Which deductible to choose?

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“Which deductible “franchise” should I actually choose?”

Our years of experience in independent insurance consulting have clearly shown us that in most cases only these two deductibles are worthwhile:

  • CHF 300.-
  • CHF 2’500.-

Of course, it is never possible to predict exactly what health care costs might be due. Nevertheless, one should consider which state of health is most likely to apply.

Because the deductible of CHF 300.- is only worthwhile if health costs of at least CHF 1’700.- are expected, for example due to a planned surgery.

How can I calculate the maximum health costs per year?

Franchise + maximum deductible = maximum health costs per year.

For the 300 deductible the maximum costs are CHF 1’000.- per year and for the 2’500.- ones the maximum is CHF 3’200.-

Calculation example:

Premium, Franchise and deductible

Mr Steiner has a deductible of CHF 1’000.- and pays a monthly premium of CHF 312 and CHF 3’744.- per year. Now Mr. Steiner has to go to hospital due to an accident. The treatment costs for him amount to CHF 5’000.-

Of these CHF 5’000.-, he must pay CHF 1’000.- himself through the chosen deductible.

For the remaining costs, the deductible of 10% is due. This means: For the remaining costs of CHF 4’000.- he has to contribute CHF 400.-

The total contribution of Mr. Steiner is now CHF 1’400.-

In December, Mr. Steiner has to have an operation on his hip, which costs CHF 5’000.- Since the deductible has already been paid in full by Mr. Steiner this year, he only has to participate in the operation by paying a deductible. This is again at 10% or CHF 500.-

The deductible is limited to CHF 700.- for each person and since Mr. Steiner already had to contribute CHF 400.- when he visited the hospital, only CHF 300 remains, which he has to contribute instead of CHF 500.-

Mr Steiner’s total contribution over the whole year is now CHF 1’700.-

Some still shy away from the comparison of their health insurance out of convenience and lose out on thousands of francs.

A comparison with ajooda is fast and easy:

  • Show us your old insurance policy or tell us your needs
  • We obtain offers from all health insurance companies and present you with those that fit your needs best
  • You choose the new health insurance or keep your old one, just with the knowledge now that you’re very well covered

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