In order to ensure fast and correct processing of your tax return 2020 in Switzerland, please submit the necessary documents and information.

Or send all necessary documents to:

To ensure that you don’t forget anything when filing your 2020 tax return, we have compiled a small checklist for you.


  • Barcode sheet of the tax office

Person 1 (+ spouse if any)

  • Income
    • Wage statement main & secondary occupations
    • RAV Payment (Unemployment insurance aka ALV)
    • Pension certificate
    • Student => Student card
  • Commute
    • By Car => how many km (both ways)?
    • Public transport => annual subscription costs? (receipt)
    • Other means of transport
  • Place of work (postcode/city)
  • Professional expenses (lunch, professional clothes etc.)
  • Education and training costs


  • First & last name
  • Date of birth
  • Apprentice or student?


  • Roman Catholic, Reformed or other?


  • Vehicle name, year of purchase, purchase price


  • Bank statements (interest statement)
  • 3rd pillar / life insurances
  • Expenses for medical costs
  • Cost sharing (cost & premium overview)
  • Loans / Mortgages
  • Alimony received or paid?
  • Support contributions
  • Stocks and securities

Real estate

  • Property number
  • Year of construction
  • Appraisal year
  • Type of property
  • Rental value according to appraisal
  • Flat-rate/actual deductions
  • Cadastral value of whole property

Or send all necessary documents to:

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