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Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Quality has its price and in terms of the swiss health care system, this price can get very high.

Often one accident, while badly insured, can put financial pressure on families for many years.

Swiss people know this and they rather get an over-insurance than having something missing, just in case.

We believe that neither of those extremes are necessary. Over-insurance in switzerland comes simply from lack of knowledge and drains your pocket unnecessarily, while being under-insured can put you at risk.

In our opinion you should only pay for what you really need.

A throughout analysis of every individuals needs, ensures an optimum coverage and enables you to enjoy life stress free.

You as a customer, profit from us as insurance broker trough cooperation with the largest insurance companies in Switzerland, allowing us to choose the best offers for you, while we can stay free from any conflicts of interest.

We as insurance broker offer a full service in the following areas:

  • Household contents insurance in Switzerland

  • Legal protection insurance in Switzerland

  • Car Insurance in Switzerland

  • Life insurance in Switzerland

  • Liability insurance in Switzerland

Ajooda is your reliable partner to help you glide through life safely and relaxed.

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