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OnlineTax return

You fill out your tax return every year and still forget something every time? No need for this anymore. Online tax returns at ajooda, make this process  smooth and simple for you. Now you can let your tax experts at ajooda, fill out your swiss tax return 2019, with just a few clicks – fast, digital and secure.

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CompetentBusiness consulting

Starting a business in Switzerland can be an enormous burden, especially if done so for the first time. The many legal bases and obligations quickly become an obstacle and complicate the entire process of setting up a company, taking the fun out of it. That is why professional business consulting as well as legal advice is one of the most important basic components of a successful entrepreneur in switzerland.

Start a business in switzerland
Ready to start your own business? Luckily, at ajooda you can rely on professional business consulting, which supports you with the AG foundation, GmbH foundation and other company types, so that you can launch successfully.
Succession planning
No matter whether the company remains within the family, is sold to a loyal employee or an investor in line with market conditions. To take the right path, a systematically analysed and implemented phase process is required.

Safeconsumer credit

Credits and loans are important topics in order to have the best possible control over your own finances. Ajooda offers you the most comprehensive service, made possible thanks to our collaboration with the leading banks in Switzerland. So you always have an overview and control of your finances.

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